The Great

Humback whales in Southeast Alaska are finding easy meals at offshore salmon hatcheries. I partnered with a whale researcher to create scientific figures illustrating whale feeding behaviours.

A Convenient Meal

Visualizing novel Humpback whale feeding techniques

Breaking it down and bringing clarity

Aerial drone footage of a whale preying on hatchery salmon.

3D Re-enactments

New insights into whale morphology

Re-creating the feeding events in 3D brought new perspective and insight into the movements of the whales. This offered a huge degree of flexibility in the process of capturing the ideal poses to illustrate specific behaviours.

Fish pens

Welcome to the drive-thru

Visualized here are the locations of feeding events recorded by researchers at the fish Hatchery.

The Figures

Concise and beautiful

As a huge fan of National Geographic information graphics, I set the bar high. Digital painting atop the 3D renders added realism to the scenes and helped to highlight the important aspects of particular whale movements through the water.