Polar Experience

Discover the wonderful and weird wildlife of our extreme poles through the newest exhibit at Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Penguins and Walruses
and Bears, Oh My!

Discover Polar Wildlife at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

While the Aquarium can’t actually feature Emperor penguins they can bring them right to your device. Experience wildlife from our extreme poles as you encounter unique markers throughout the aquarium.

Easy as...


Load the experience by scanning the QR code or visiting the url in your mobile browser.


Center the Wildlife marker in your device's camera.


Watch the magic as wildlife comes to life on your device.

An ideal exhibit

Low cost and mobile – literally

Logistically, it’s hard to imagine an easier exhibit to set up. Simply install the wildlife markers on the ground throughout the facility and the visitors bring the rest. Drive traffic to all parts of the aquarium with a unique experience that would be otherwise improbable.

See it in action

Recorded on an actual device